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Discussion with Barbara Day (10. 9. 2014)

The next in a series of "Talks in English" with colleagues and friends of Václav Havel. Barbara Day has been involved with the Czech theatre since 1965, completing her PhD on the Prague Theatre on the Balustrades at Bristol University in 1985, when she also organised a Czech festival. Theatre connections put her in touch with the “underground university”, with which she worked until 1989 and about which she wrote in her book The Velvet Philosophers. Discussion was chaired by Martin Pšenička, an Assistant Professor at the Department of Theatre Studies of the Faculty of Arts at Charles University and an editor of the Czech Theatre Review. The event was held in cooperation with the project Freedom Express, implemented at the initiative of the European Network Remembrance and Solidarity.

„A jsme zase u toho: čecháčkovství. Starej se sám o sebe, nepleť se do cizích věcí, přikrč se a přihrb – jsme obklopeni horami, ty světové vichry se nám přeženou nad hlavami, a pak si budeme dál vrtat na svém dvorečku. Co moudrých statí či celých knih bylo o tomhle našem domácím sobectví napsáno!“

Václav Havel:
Zápis z 26. dubna 2005, Prosím stručně, 2006