PHOTO: Vratislav Brabenec: Unsolicited Contribution  22/02/17

Meeting with Vratislav Brabenec, patriarch of the underground, poet, musician and signatory of Charter 77. The evening was hosted by Vladimír “Lábus” Drápal from the label Guerilla Records. More


PHOTO: Libuše Jarcovjáková: The Black Years  12/02/17

Libuše Jarcovjáková, the enfant terrible of Czech photography, is publishing her work in book form for the first time. Černé roky (The Black Years) comprises raw photos and literary diaries from the period 1971–1987. The book distills the black and white ordinariness of normalisation Prague, revealing both the beauty and decay of that period, as well as providing an insight into the remarkable later life of an émigré in West Berlin and Tokyo. The book was presented by documentarian Barbora Baronová while curator Lucia L. Fišerová hosted a talk with the author.  More


PHOTO: Markéta Pilátová: Czechs in the Jungle  02/02/17

While the Communists were building a dictatorship in the Czech lands, in the Brazilian jungle Jan Antonín Baťa was building new Zlíns. Markéta Pilátová’s novel S Baťou v džungli (In the Jungle with Baťa) recounts the little-known stories of Czech émigrés in South America. The narrator is Jan Antonín Baťa himself, who returns from the grave in order to tell his own story as it actually was, not as it was painted by Communist propaganda and historians. He doesn’t just recall his closest collaborators and advisors, such as Hugo Vavrečka, but even attends the funeral of Václav Havel. The ghost of Jan Antonín Baťa writes poetry and is unwilling to leave this world until he has found justice. More


PHOTO: Guardian of Memory  17/01/17

Evening dedicated to Alexander Balogh’s biography of Ján Langoš, Strážca pamäti (Guardian of Memory). Michael Žantovský chaired a discussion with the author and Gabriela Langošová. More


PHOTO: The Surreal Heart of Putin’s Russia: Is the West Destined to Be Seduced By It  20/12/16

Debate with the leading British expert on Russian propaganda and Russian-born journalist Peter Pomerantsev on his book Nothing is True and Everything is Possible: The Surreal Heart of the New Russia. More



23/02/17 19:00

Evenings with Polish Reporters VII: Christians in the Middle East Václav Havel Library, Ostrovní 13, Prague 110 00

Christianity was born in a region which we today refer to as the Middle East, one of the most volatile areas in the contemporary world. What is life like for people who profess the Christian faith in Iraq, Egypt, Turkey or Lebanon? More

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