PHOTO: Guardian of Memory  17/01/17

Evening dedicated to Alexander Balogh’s biography of Ján Langoš, Strážca pamäti (Guardian of Memory). Michael Žantovský chaired a discussion with the author and Gabriela Langošová. More


PHOTO: The Surreal Heart of Putin’s Russia: Is the West Destined to Be Seduced By It  20/12/16

Debate with the leading British expert on Russian propaganda and Russian-born journalist Peter Pomerantsev on his book Nothing is True and Everything is Possible: The Surreal Heart of the New Russia. More


PHOTO: Poet Refugee – Refugee Poet  20/12/16

Reading and debate with Adin Ljuca. The Bosnian poet, prose author and translator has to date published the poetry collection Hidžra (Hegira) (1996) and a suite of short stories, Vytetované obrazy (Tattooed Pictures) (2005), whose dominant theme is refugeehood. More


PHOTO: Understanding Havel  18/12/16

Václav Havel as a playwright, dissident, politician, prisoner, president… Michael Žantovský spoke with David S. Danaher and Kieran Williams, two US Czech Studies experts who have authored new monographs on Havel. More


PHOTO: Baby Jesus with Krchovský  12/12/16

Unique appearance by poet J.H. Krchovský. A poetic evening full of Christmas motifs specially put together for the Václav Havel Library. More



19/01/17 19:00

Václav Cílek: Václav Havel on Potato-Picking Brigade Work, or A Study of Disconnected Worlds Václav Havel Library, Ostrovní 13, Prague 110 00

Most commentators were surprised by Donald Trump’s victory. A number of analysts admitted that a gap had opened up some time back between the views of what Karel Čapek called “the ordinary people” and journalists. The situation was later repeated with the “surprising” victories of Francois Fillon and in the France. More

Havel—Prigov and czech experimental poetry