VIDEO: Do we risk a new Cold War? (11. 6. 2014)  14/06/14

Talks in English -- Petr Kolář and Václav Havel The next in a short series of talks in English with colleagues and friends of Václav Havel. Petr Kolář has held a number of positions in the Czech Foreign Service, including Head of Department, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, advisor to President Václav Havel for European integration and the Balkans, and Ambassador to Sweden (1996--1998), Ireland (1999--2003), the US (2005--2010) and the Russian Federation (2010--2012). With this broad experience, he will talk about recent developments in international relations, including the risk of a new "Cold War". More


Paul Wilson at the Czech Embassy in London  26/05/14

Paul Wilson, translator, editor, writer and former member of the rock band Plastic People of the Universe was a highly entertaining speaker at the BCSA meeting on May 22nd at the Czech Embassy. More


VIDEO: Talks in English -- Paul Wilson and Václav Havel (15. 5. 2014)  22/05/14

The second in a short series of talks in English with colleagues and friends of Václav Havel. Paul Wilson is a freelance journalist, magazine editor, radio producer and translator of Czech literature. He spent ten years in Czechoslovakia (1967--1977) and he was eventually expelled by the Communist government for his association with the dissident movement. In addition to translating many plays, essays, books, and speeches by Václav Havel, he has published many articles on Havel's work as a dissident and politician. Some of them have been published, In Czech, in his recent book, Bohemian Rhapsodies (Torst). Chaired by writer and journalist David Vaughan. More


Interview from the Václav Havel Library: Alexandr Vondra and David Vaughan  15/05/14

After the first evening of Talks in English, the moderator David Vaughan created an interview with Alexandr Vondra from 9 April 2014, you can find it here. On 15 May 2014 at 19.00, we will welcome the second guest of Talks in English, Paul Wilson, Václav Havel's close friend and translator into English.


PHOTO: Dispute over Europe, 2 May 2014, Berlin  15/05/14

Photographs from the conference "Dispute over Europe" which took place in Berlin, Haus der Kulturen der Welt on 2 May 2014 as part of the Václav Havel European Dialogues project. More



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