PHOTO: Jiří Černý: The VH Anti-Discotheque  29/06/17

A pre-holidays helping of music and chat from the doyen of Czech music criticism Jiří Černý about Václav Havel and his favourite songs and musicians. A recollection of a time when there was still time to listen to everything. More


Palacký University in Olomouc gets Václav Havel’s Place  12/06/17

The 22nd Václav Havel’s Place to date was unveiled in the grounds of Palacký University in Olomouc on Saturday 17 June. It has been placed in the courtyard of the former Theresian Artillery Armoury, which houses the university’s library, publishing house and archive. In May 1990 the Olomouc university bestowed an honorary philosophy doctorate on Václav Havel’s, becoming the first university in the then Czechoslovakia to honour Václav Havel in that way. More


PHOTO: Vladimir Kara-Murza: On the Life and Death of Boris Nemtsov  12/06/17

Boris Yefimovich Nemtsov was a Russian liberal politician and critic of President Vladimir Putin’s regime. He was deputy prime minister of the country in 1997–1998, during Boris Yeltsin’s presidency. In February 2015 Nemtsov was shot dead in Moscow. Following a screening of the documentary film “Nemtsov” (in Russian with English subtitles, 66 min.), the journalist and politician Vladimir Kara-Murza discussed the current situation in Russia. More


PHOTO: Ode to Jiří Kolář  08/06/17

Phohotographs from an evening dedicated to the one of the greatest Czech poet and visual artist, which took place in VHL on Monday June 5.  More

Where and when?


PHOTO: Jáchym Topol: A Sensitive Man  25/05/17

Jáchym Topol read from his new novel Citlivý člověk (A Sensitive Man), a classic of contemporary Czech literature. Introduced by Michael Žantovský. More


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